BumperGloves is designed to eliminate the bacteria and contamination associated with the campground dump stations. How many times have you seen the person before you at the dump station go through the process bare handed? Or better yet, they go to the cab of their truck and grab out a pair of cloth gloves that are harboring more disease than the CDC. We intend to eliminate these bacteria breeding grounds by providing sanitary disposable gloves right where you need them, IN THE BUMPER. BumperGloves is a multi purpose component. Its primary to dispense gloves, its secondary purpose is to cap the rear bumper in which the waste drainage tube is stowed. The innovative design allows the user one handed access to disposable gloves by simply pulling on the tethered cap. The user can then quickly and easily put on the gloves before removing the BumperGloves unit from the bumper allowing access to the sewer drainage tube.

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